Friday, January 29, 2016

Windows Experience Index, low # for processor

Windows Experience Index, low # for processor

While looking at the windows experience How to Fix - Count unique values in column? index, the processor has the lowest # (4.7) while other I can't see what I type or what people type in a Yahoo Messenger PM window; I'm on Win7, YM 10 items graphics 7.3 etc are high numbers.  I expected a higher Lookup Value based on multiple criteria number with this processor, 64bit AMD Phenom II X4 955 but maybe Solution to Error: Word 2010 Autotext Problem expected to much.  A four core
processor while monitoring normal tasks, maybe one core will hit 50% others are 10% etc.  This is on a Gigabyte GA-MA790X MB, 4GB ram, ATI HD4850.  Do I need to tweek this thing with some overclocking or ???  Appreciate any suggestions.  Tx

Keys to the Problem Windows Experience Index, low # for processor

I decided to check out my BIOS Rev.  It was F3,  the Gigabyte downloads are on Rev F10a.  The [Solved] can't access windows installer to install other pro instructions said to update When I try to print from MS Word Starter 2010, I get message the bios in small steps and not to go to many revs at a time.   So I had a couple of beers to get me ready and did a BIOS Flash to
Rev 4.  SUCCESS!!!  Now under power management options the minimun CPU % was there.
(sitting @ 5%)  Now I can slowly update the Quickbooks 2008/09 on Windows 7 hangs when I run the reconcile feature BIOS to the latest and work on the WEI.   Going to have another cool one and finish this up tomorrow....  :-)))))))))  CPU score
is now 7.3!

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